Explore Playa Colomitos: Discover the Path to This Turquoise Waters Eden

If you can only explore a couple of places during your stay in Puerto Vallarta, make sure Playa Colomitos is one of them. This crystalline waters paradise is an ideal destination for diving enthusiasts and those seeking relaxation. Here, we will guide you to uncover all the charms that Playa Colomitos has to offer.

Located south of Bahía de Banderas, about 20 minutes from Puerto Vallarta, Playa Colomitos stands out as a natural gem in Jalisco, although its size, just 30 meters in length, makes it an intimate treasure. What makes it so special? Its secluded landscape and serene waters offer a perfect refuge to admire the rich marine biodiversity. As you dive, you will be amazed by a variety of species such as pufferfish, spotted boxfish, king angelfish, moray eels, damselfish, and rainbow wrasse, among others.

How to Get to Playa Colomitos?

First, you must reach Boca de Tomatlán using the MISMALOYA route.

To access this paradisiacal corner, you have two main options: take a water taxi or follow a picturesque trail through the jungle and along the ocean. Both alternatives are equally rewarding and quick. The hike, starting in Boca de Tomatlán, covers only a kilometer and a half and offers an enriching experience.

Scenic Hike

The trail to Playa Colomitos begins on the other side of the river that runs through Boca de Tomatlán. Although it may seem challenging to venture along an unknown path through the jungle, in reality, you do not need a guide. The path is well-marked and has multiple signposts, allowing you to reach Playa Colomitos without any problems in a maximum of 45 minutes.

Water Taxi

If you prefer to conserve energy to enjoy the beach, choose the second option in Boca de Tomatlán. Water taxis to Playa Colomitos are constantly available in the bay and will take you there in just 5 minutes.

Where to Stay?

Since Playa Colomitos is an unspoiled destination, the best accommodation options are found in Boca de Tomatlán or Puerto Vallarta. For an exceptional experience in Boca de Tomatlán, we recommend considering Villa Armonia Luxury Boutique Hotel and Villa Lala Boutique Hotel. Both options provide an exceptional setting to connect with the nature surrounding this magical destination.

With all this information at your disposal, you are ready to embark on the adventure to Playa Colomitos. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover one of the most charming beaches in Jalisco.